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Approx 125 count

Approx 38 Lb


Crisp, juicy, and sweet, these cause mayhem the moment they’re inside my door. Store in the refrigerator crisper drawer for a relatively long life; as with any produce, keep checking and pull those that start to look a little sad to maintain the quality of the rest. Serve with your favorite cow, sheep, and goat cheese for a delicious and healthful snack!

Portabello Mushrooms
Approx 5 Lb


Delicious grilled, stuffed, sauteed, grilled, stir fried, baked, in pasta, and in fajitas! These hearty mushrooms are a fantastic meatless “meat!”


Short-term storage: Store In the refrigerator wrapped in paper towels or a paper bag and use within the week.


Long-term storage options: Freezing! To store longer than a week, clean, trim, remove gills (optional), and: saute and cool; or steam and plunge into ice water bath; or blanche and plunge into ice water bath. For each method, just cook half way for best results. Allow to air dry, throw on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper and flash-freeze in your freezer. Once frozen, quickly transfer to freezer-safe storage! To use, just throw right in to your recipe.


Yellow Onions

Approx 50 lbs


How do you like your onions? Diced, minced, caramelized, and dehydrated – that’s how I like mine! I always have chopped and minced onion in the freezer (double-bagged!) for quick toss-ins to almost every supper dish. I also keep on-hand frozen mirepoix, soffrito, and Creole holy trinity for easy starts to innumerable savory dishes. A crazy time-saver! Or caramelize a bunch of onionsand freeze them in 2 tablespoon measures! Makes adding an extra-special punch of flavor so easy, and amazing topping a burger! Chop and dehydrate onions for shelf-stable seasoning, and grind some for onion powder just for grins! A whole mess of onions in many forms is a year-round staple!

Dedicate some time to preserving onions as works for your family recipes, and you’ll be hugely rewarded in time saved later!

Blood Oranges

Approx 138 count


Blood oranges are gorgeous due to their red color – which also means they are packed full of antioxidants! They are a perfect blend of sweet, tart, and juicy. My kids particularly love to juice them for drinking and for making blood orange sorbets and gratinas. They can be used just like regular oranges in recipes, but do give an extra “something” with their amazing color! We enjoy a little blood orange frosting drizzled on our morning scones!

Sugar Snap Peas

Approx 10 Lb


Delicious eaten out of hand, as a dipper, in salads and stir-frys, roasted, blanched, and pickled!


Approx 10 Lbs


10 pounds of Rice for your pantry! A delicious side item that complements a plethora of dishes!


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