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Citrus Pack


Chock-full of Vitamin C, this is a variety of citrusto delight your tastebuds! We love to make up mini-citruspacks as gifts for teachers, coaches, and neighbors. Or fill your home with amazing scents by slicing and putting in water on your cooktop any combination of: citrus, cinnamon, clove, vanilla, pine needles, and cranberries.


See your state’s Contribution Page for pack details!

Soup Pack


We love soup weather! You can use this as the basis for stew as well. The possibilities are endless!


Imagine Zuppa Toscana (substitute coconut milk to make it dairy-free, add canneloni or navy beans to make it vegetarian); chicken or beef stew, hearty vegetable soup, French onion soup, tomato soup, and stock!


Check out this list of fun SOUPS to try!


See your state’s Contribution Page for pack details!

Hostess Pack


Additions to round out your Thanksgiving feast! I like to prep ahead of time and freeze for a low-stress holiday!


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Here’s a Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup from years past!


Thanksgiving 2012


Thanksgiving 2013


Thanksgiving 2014


Sally’s Cranberry Sauce


Approx 1 Lb


Chestnuts have a mildly sweet and delicate flavor after roasting! Traditionally, they’re roasted over an open flame, like in a fireplace, an open fire pit, or on a gas burner. Fortunately, roasting in the oven works great, too! Cut an X into the rounded part of each chestnut and roast at 425 for 15-20 minutes, until the nutmeat is softened and the shell has peeled back some. Pull them out, dump into a towel, let cool, give them a good squeeze to crack the shells, and peel!


Here is a Chestnut Roundup of Recipes for you!


Approx 44 count

These are the oval-shaped, elongated persimmons! They are enjoyed once super soft – once the pulp is almost liquified in texture. Let them soften on your counter until ready to use! These are considered baking persimmons. Peel, puree, and add to all kinds of baked goods like cookies, cakes, puddings, etc. They add an almost pumpkin-like mild flavor and stable moisture! 

One of the most festive fall and winter sites as a child was seeing bright orange persimmons on bare persimmon trees. They always looked like Christmas ornaments to me! They’ll fix up nicely into persimmon cookies and pudding, or -as our blog suggests- wrap in prosciutto… amazing! I love them just plain, too!


I really like this recipe! We do not use shortening, so I substitute butter equally for shortening.


Read more about persimmons!


Approx 7 count


Delicious sliced fresh and in smoothies, add to jams, and bottle chunks! Freezes beautifully for future smoothies or later processing. We make smoothie kits with our favorite fruit and veggie combos for dump, blend, and run mornings! Juice some up with oranges or mango for a super special and delicious breakfast beverage. Have you tried dehydrated pineapple? So easy and delicious! A perfect summer-y, sweet, and healthy snack at home or on the go.

My kids love Virgin Pina Coladas as a special treat, and they’re pros at making them – even my 8yo! Into the blender goes chunks of pineapple, coconut milk, and just a squeeze of lime. Add ice to make it a frozen dessert – No sugar or dairy required!

Approx 34 count


These delightful healthy treats are one of my favorite was to occupy my children. Sit them outside with a pomegranate and a cup and they’ll be busy for an hour and get healthier by the moment! I freeze the arils on a sheet pan and then throw in a freezer bag, ready to top salads, include in recipes, and enjoy out of hand – they freeze beautifully! – and of course there are faster ways to get them out of the fruit than picking! Check out You Tube for some fun videos.

The pomegranate has strong symbolic meaning throughout history in Greece and is present in many Greek dishes and sauces. And they’re gorgeous in any display!


Try this Pomegranate Apple Crisp for a beautiful and festive twist on a comfort dessert.


Wagner Fresh Potatoes
Red & Yellow

Approx 20 Lb


These are a delicious mix of Gold and Red potatoes. Firm texture, great flavor. Enjoy roasted, boiled, and steamed. Try them as salad potatoes – so pretty!

Long Grain Rice

Approx 25 Lbs



25 pounds of Rice for your pantry! A delicous side item that complements the Asian Pack and a plethora of dishes!

Kauffman Farm

Hearty Barley Soup Mix

Approx 6 oz



Dry soup mix for your pantry!


Ingredients: Barley, Lentils, Carrot, Onion, Chili Powder, Salt, Spices and Garlic Powder

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