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Melon & Pear Pack


Add extra produce to your basket!


Hoping for Cactus Pears, Asian Pears, Tuscan Melon, Watermelon, Honeydew and Cantaloupe.

Salad Pack


One of our all-time favorite packs! We serve a salad nearly every night; its such an easy way to get veggie goodness into our families! We love raw ingredients, of course. We also love adding roasted veggies or fruits, chopped or slivered nuts, and homemade dressings with herbs, vinegar or lemon juice, and a healthy oil. We also love to pack lunchtime lettuce wraps with lettuce and ingredients of all types!


Hoping for Boston Bibb Lettuce, Grapes, Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Lemons, Red Onion, Garlic

Summer Snack Pack

With kids home it can feel like it’s always either meal time or snack time! This pack will be your no-cooking friend! Just grab these delicious treats and go and you will be a happy camper.


Hoping for Peaches, Grapes, Nectarines, Plums, Bananas, Mini Watermelon, Mini Sweet Peppers, and Mini Cucumbers.

Approx twelve 6oz containers


Don’t leave these sitting! No matter how you preserve them, these little gems are delicious! They dehydrate well, jam up nicely, can star in an amazing pie, and are great to snack on too! We love to add them to pancakes, muffins, and scones.

Guajillo Chiles

Approx 1 lbs


These dried chiles are called “little gourds” because of the rattling sound the seeds make when you shake the dried chiles! These are second in popularity behind Ancho chiles. These dark, leathery pods are ideal for dishes that need a non-overpowering chile. These are on the slightly sweeter side as chiles go, and a pleasant heat and smokiness, ideal for many dishes and often used in mole.



Approx 2 Lbs


Already trimmed! Green beans are an easy-to-freeze and easy-to-pressure can (or water bath can if pickling) veggie that will give us all some easy and fast dinner time options. I love adding them to soups and stews. I love to steam them, then toss in warmed olive oil with fresh garlic and a springling of red pepper flake. We have many memories of snapping beans together with the kids!

Navel Oranges

Approx 38 Lbs

Approx 72 count


Who doesn’t love an amazing Navel Orange?  These seedless beauties are good for so many things! I love them for:
- Snacking
- Juicing (freezes beauifully!)
- Marmelade
- Smoothies

And the best part is my kids love them too!

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