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Salad Pack


One of our all-time favorite packs! We serve a salad nearly every night; its such an easy way to get veggie goodness into our families! We love raw ingredients, of course. We also love adding roasted veggies or fruits, chopped or slivered nuts, and homemade dressings with herbs, vinegar or lemon juice, and a healthy oil. We also love to pack lunchtime lettuce wraps with lettuce and ingredients of all types!

Hoping for Bibb and Iceberg Lettuce, Grape Tomatoes, Cucumber, Beets, Lime and Red Onion

Summer Snack Pack

With kids home it can feel like it’s always either meal time or snack time! This packwill be your no-cooking friend! Just grab these delicious treats and go and you will be a happy camper.


Hoping for Apples, Kiwi, Oranges, Plums, Sugar Snap Peas, Banans, Apples and Celery

Sweet Corn

Approx 48 count


Fantastic fresh (grill! steam! boil! salsa!), frozen, and bottled! Stock up to have sweet summer corn all winter. Check out our blog for corn recipes! For different ways to freeze corn, check out this https://anoregoncottage.com/freeze-corn-three-ways-blanched-unblanched-whole/.

Fresh Mint

Approx 1 Lb


I love fresh mint in the summer! I add it to almost all of my cold drinks. I muddle it in still water and fruit juices, freeze it in ice cubes, make mint sugar for iced tea, and make infusions and syrups for baking, mocktails/
cocktails, and fruit salad. I love mint combined with lime in all of the things! You can dehydrate mint for herbal tea later, too. I love fresh mint in fresh spring rolls (goi cuon), in greek meatballs, and chopped and tossed with fresh fruit. Mint, basil, watermelon, kalamata olives, and feta salad will knock your socks off!

Approx 8 Lb


Delicious fresh, frozen, jammed, syruped (is that a word?); dehydrate in fruit rolls; make fruit salad and fruit pizza; toss in a smoothie, smother ice cream, yogurt, cereal, and shortcake; and our favorite: strawberry-topped gluten-free crepes! A favorite dish of my kids is Greek yogurt topped with strawberries and drizzled with raw honey.

Raw Honey

Approx 5 Lb plastic jug


Honey in a plastic jug. Delicious! For more general information on honey, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/honey

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