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Mexican Pack


Ingredients to complement your south-of-the-border-themed dishes! We absolutely love making fresh salsas, fajitas (with or without meat!), and this Mexican hot sauce - we make something similar and add a teaspoon of oregano and double the garlic. My big kids use this sauce on everything!

Here’s some other fun recipes to try!


Corn, Jicama and Green Chile Salsa


Pico de Gallo


Chicken Stew with Salsa Verde


Cilantro 101


See your state Contribution Page for pack details!


Approx 84 count

There’s nothing better than your own case of avocados! I love to get a case, peel, and freeze with guacamole fixings. Then I pull out when I want some, and it’s already guacamole-in-a-bag!
Avocados are a staple in our house, and Guacamole is made weekly over here! 

Anaheim Chile Peppers

Approx 25 Lbs


Let the pepper roasting begin!  Serve these delicious chiles roasted and peeled, whole or diced, and in flavorful sauces. They are excellent in green sauce and pair well with rice, chicken, pork and monterey jack cheese for some delicious concoctions. Chile rellenos are simple and delicious! Have you tried raw chile rellenos? Just as delicious as the cooked variation! You can simply wash and freeze or roast and peel first – I separate roasted chiles with wax paper before freezing for ease of use. You can pickle peppers (can you hear the rhyme?), pressure can peppers, water bath marinated peppers, and salsa-ify them! Don’t forget pepper jelly – one of my favorite homemade gifts!


Approx twelve 8 oz containers


What’s not to love about mushrooms! Store in the refrigerator in paper bags and use within the week, or dehyrdate; parboil or saute and freeze; or pickle! 

Short-term storage

Store In the refrigerator wrapped in paper towels or a paper bag and use within the week.

Long-term storage options
Freeze: To store longer than a week, clean, trim, remove gills (optional), and: saute and cool; or steam and plunge into ice water bath; or blanche and plunge into ice water bath. For each method, just cook half way for best results. Allow to air dry, throw on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper and flash-freeze in your freezer. Once frozen, quickly transfer to freezer-safe storage! To use, just throw right in to your recipe.

Dehydrate: Dehydrating is easy and dehydrated mushrooms take up very little space! Slice in even slices and dehydrate. Store as you do your dry spices. And once you have dehydrated mushrooms, you can grind in a blender and revel in the JOY that is mushroom powder! A flavor punch (umami) without the texture that my crazy kids don’t appreciate. Delicious in eggs, soups and stews, gravies and pasta sauces, burgers and meatloaf!


Sauteed Mushrooms are wonderful topping grilled meats, on pizza(!), over pasta, in sauces, and as a supper side!

And if you’ve got something in the smoker, throw in a skewer of mushrooms – they’re fantastic smoked!

Approx 8 count


Delicious sliced fresh and in smoothies, add to jams, and bottle chunks! Freezes beautifully for future smoothies or later processing. We make smoothie kits with our favorite fruit and veggie combos for dump, blend, and run mornings! Juice some up with oranges or mango for a super special and delicious breakfast beverage. Have you tried dehydrated pineapple? So easy and delicious! A perfect summer-y, sweet, and healthy snack at home or on the go.

I love Grilled Pineapple year-round! A warm, sweet, and healthy meal side or dessert.

Have you tried Canning Pineapple Chunks? No junk in here!

Russet Potatoes
Approx 50 Lb

We love at-home baked potato bars and mashed potatoes – and these large bakers mean less peeling, so sign me up!


How about make-ahead mashed or twice-baked potatoes? Perfect to ease your holiday cooking! There are several ways to store potatoes for long-term storage: use a root cellar, dehydrate, freeze, bottle. Root cellar: a dark, cool, dry place with a consistent temperature of 35-40 degrees and some ventilation. No fruits in there with the potatoes! To dehydrate: Wash, then slice or dice, blanch, and dehydrate. Peel only if desired (I never do!). To use, rehydrate and cook like you would raw potatoes. Freeze: make twice-baked potatoes, my sons’ *favorite* method! Make and freeze mashed potatoes, the second favorite method among the menfolk in my house. Or slice for fries, par-cook, and freeze for later. Bottling: potatoes must be pressure-canned, and having a shelf full of bottled potato is sure to make lunch and supper sides quick and easy! Hot hint: we take dehydrated potatoes and twice-baked potatoes camping and stay-cationing. Makes for easy breakfasts and excellent supper sides (re)baked in the fire!

Approx 36 Lb


These are a great balance of sweet and tart and very juicy! Funny loose peels mean easy peeling and perfect for lunchboxes and snacks. We love to add citrus to our Christmas stockings and these are a perfect size! Refrigerate to hold ripeness level.

Have you had kuchen? Oh. My. Try Mandarin Kucken!

Round Tomatoes

Approx 25 Lb


Salsa, Tomato Sauce, Diced Tomatoes, Roasted Tomatoes, they all start with great tomatoes!

These tomatoes will be the basis for so many amazing meals for your family. Combine with the add-ons for some killer dishes! Salsas, sauces, caprese, bruschetta, ratattouille!


This is a simple fresh salsa recipe that adds a punch with some dry spices – include or leave out!


This is a nice canned tomato salsa recipe:


Tomato sauce is so easy! If you want a place to start, this is a very nice sauce recipe:



Maple Syrup

Approx Half Gallon

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This maple syrup is a delicious addition to your morning meals! We love the darker, richer, more intense flavor of this highly unprocessed, Grade B maple syrup for tabletop use, for cooking/baking, and sweetening all of the things!

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