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Approx twelve 6 oz containers


No matter how you serve or preserve them, these little gems are delicious! They dehydrate well, jam up nicely, can star in an amazing pie, top yogurt and ice cream, and are great to snack on! We love to add them to pancakes, muffins, and scones.


Approx 6 bunches


Cut up for easy snacks, use to shovel up your favorite dips, juice, slice and freeze, roast, braise, pickle or add into relish, stir-fry, throw into soups and stews and salads, or dehydrate! Grab some carrots and some onions, chop up a bunch for mirepoix, and throw in the freezer for easy starts to innumerable savory dishes! 


Approx 12 count


Zest and freeze; juice and freeze! We use limesin all kinds of things, including smoothies, infused water, drinks, recipes, and marinades. Try out this one the next time you make fajitas! Into a container: juice of one lime (or three! I love lime!), about a cup of chopped cilantro, four cloves of chopped garlic, a chopped jalapeno, 3-4 tablespoons olive oil, a teaspoon each salt and pepper. If I’m feeling fancy, I process in food processor or blender. If I’m feeling lazy, I leave chunkier and just chop more finely. Great on meat, seafood, and veggies! Also, think Key Lime Pie! My 10yo loves to make fresh limeade any time we have 10 or more limes - fresh and delicious!

Yellow Onions

Approx 5 lbs


How do you like your onions? Diced, minced, caramelized, and dehydrated – that’s how I like mine! I always have chopped and minced onion in the freezer (double-bagged!) for quick toss-ins to almost every supper dish. I also keep on-hand frozen mirepoix, soffrito, and Creole holy trinity for easy starts to innumerable savory dishes. A crazy time-saver! Or caramelize a bunch of onions and freeze them in 2 tablespoon measures! Makes adding an extra-special punch of flavor so easy, and amazing topping a burger! Chop and dehydrate onions for shelf-stable seasoning, and grind some for onion powder just for grins! A whole mess of onions in many forms is a year-round staple!

Dedicate some time to preserving onions as works for your family recipes, and you’ll be hugely rewarded in time saved later!

Large Green Bell Peppers

Approx 12 count

Eat fresh, dehydrate, or slice or chop and freeze for later recipes. My favorite – chop with onion and celery for ready-to-use “holy trinity” (like the French mirepoix but from the Cajuns!) A fantastic vegetable base for all kinds of dishes and sauces. Or make a double (or triple) batch of stuffed peppers andfreeze for a rainy day!

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